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If you have very specific colors and design aspects to your logo, we want to make sure that all of that is included in your signage. Their logo is very brightly colored so it was sure to stand out against the neutral fascia color. But to make the logo pop even more, we made reverse channel letters that are 3 1/2″ deep. The way we make channel letters is by bending the returns into the outline of the shape or letter we’re making. This was interesting to make because of the stylized “Q” used in their logo.

For reverse channel letters, the face is also aluminum and it is welded to the returns. We painted everything to match the logo exactly. When we install illuminated reverse channel letters, we space them off of the wall so the lights from the LEDs can flood onto the wall and around the letters to create a halo effect. Since these were non-illuminated, we mounted them flush to the wall. As you can see, the backs of the letters were installed first. The returns and faces are welded together at the shop to be painted together so that is already one piece.

This sign was installed at the top of a 2-story building so our installers needed a lift for the installation. This also gave them the opportunity to get some amazing photos.

Channel letters create am amazing 3-dimensional display of your sign and if you decide to have them illuminated, there are a lot of customization options within how they’re illuminated, which parts are illuminated, and there are endless color options if you get front-lit channel letters because we can digitally print any color for the face.

Check out the galleries on our website to see other channel letters we’ve made. We’ve done manyilluminated reverse channel letters, and non-illuminatedreverse channel letters like this one. You can also look into different illumination options with front-lit channel letters and compound channel letters. If you’re interested in getting a channel letter sign for your business, you can request a quote here.