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They wanted individual letters that would be halo-lit at night time so we went with reverse-lit channel letters. We made the letters into the font used for their logo, and custom painted them. The great thing about our channel letters is that they are completely customizable because we make them in-house. We can bend metal into any font or shape, as long as there are no physical limitations. Endeavor College Prep used all capital, block letters for their school name which were easy for us to bend. But if your logo incorporates cursive or fonts and shapes that get pretty thin in some areas, you’ll want to consult with a sign specialist regarding whether or not your logo will work as channel letters.

Since this sign was going to be illuminated with LEDs, it needed to be hooked up to electricity. This building had a parapet wall so we installed a raceway behind the sign on the roof. This reverse-lit channel letter sign was close to 45′ wide. In the photo, you can see the installers on the roof which really scales out how huge this sign was.

A few weeks into the project, they asked us about getting new address numbers also. The old ones were taken down during remodeling and since their new address was going to be up on the website with the street number, they wanted to make it easy for people to find them. We also made these from aluminum and painted them the logo color. Since these didn’t have to illuminate, it wasn’t necessary to make them channel letters. Instead, we flat-cut the letters out of 3/8″ aluminum and painted them the same color as the main sign.